Keeping Texas Running When Disaster Strikes

Texas A&M Public Works Response Team (TX-PWRT) is a state resource with highly qualified experienced members who support local jurisdictions in their response to a catastrophic event by providing critical public works services as needed to facilitate recovery.

What is TX-PWRT?

TX-PWRT is a state asset that is deployed by the State Operations Center (SOC) to support local jurisdictions in event of a catastrophic event. TX-PWRT is comprised of multi-disciplined, multi-talented, and highly qualified member in the Public Works sector.

TX-PWRT is designed to support local jurisdictions in their initial response and recovery efforts at three levels:

  • Planning Support: Specialized public works technical assistance for jurisdictions in performing rapid damage assessment, and identifying capabilities and resource needs, while responding to and recovering from the consequences of a catastrophic event.
  • Operational Support: Short term augmentation of local public works resources as needed to expedite and enhance their response capability to a catastrophic event.
  • Liaison Support: Act as a point of contact for the local jurisdiction in support of the Incident Commander.


TX-PWRT members are highly experienced and knowledgeable in public works activities such as Utilities (Electrical, Gas, Water, Wastewater, Storm Water, Environmental Safety and Compliance, and Communications); Debris Clearance; Structural Safety; Transportation Systems, Traffic Engineering and Management; Fleet Services; and Parks and Recreation.

Required Training

Before becoming an active TX-PWRT member, you must complete the required FEMA online training listed below:

Seeking Professionals for these Positions:

  • Water/Wastewater
  • Utilities/Lineworkers
  • Debris Management
  • Structural Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Public Works Director
  • Logistics
  • Safety Officer
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot/Observer

Texas A&M Public Works Response Team is a partnership between Texas Division of Emergency Management and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service in an effort to provide resources in assisting communities with restoration of critical infrastructure after a disaster.

For more information or how to join:


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“Once the catastrophic event is over, economic damage is just beginning. Businesses are shutdown, schools are closed, basic water and wastewater isn’t available. Our vision for the TX-PWRT is to develop a robust team of public works professionals, resources, and equipment that will provide the means to reopen the community as quickly as possible.”

Ron Peddy, Director of TX-PWRT

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