TEEX Testing & Innovation Center

For nearly a decade, the TEEX Testing & Innovation Center (TT&IC) has focused on facilitating rapid identification and implementation of innovation in the Public Safety and Homeland Security ecosystems. TT&IC works to advance both technology and policy, as well as build and sustain collaboration between organizations. This is accomplished by leveraging the knowledge, experience, world-class facilities, and direct access to practitioners within TEEX and research scientists within the Texas A&M University System to become a premier resource for both emerging and established public safety technologies.

What service can TT&IC offer to your organization?

Market Assessment

The TT&IC leverages our breadth and depth of safety and public safety networks to provide detailed assessments of the current safety and public safety competitive landscapes. Our assessments are an analysis of current market conditions that include viable opportunities within the current ecosystem, barriers to entry, and potential distribution channels for innovative products entering the safety ecosystem. We leverage expertise from academia, industry, government, customers, and competitors to provide the most comprehensive environmental assessment possible. Our market studies identify potential profit opportunities and competitive insights into the safety industry other organizations cannot easily provide.

Applied Research

The TT&IC is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the bench and field by bringing together collaborative teams of practitioners, scientists, and developers who are focused on developing and implementing solutions to practical problems, specifically aimed at workplace safety, public safety, and homeland security sectors. Our collaboration ranges from developing and delivering exercises, facilitating research activities, coordination of advisory boards or Subject Matter Professional panels, and other services tailored to the customers’ specific needs.


We specialize in developing technology performance assessments, tailored to meet the needs of safety, emergency response, and homeland security professionals. We leverage the unique TEEX facilities and other Texas A&M University System resources to ensure each product feasible, valid and reliable when it arrives in the user’s hands. The TEEX TESTED® mark is our offering for designing and executing practical assessments for disruptive and innovative technologies.

Current Practices

Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Systems – What to know prior to, during and after an event.

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