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Workforce development is serious business. It has a direct connection to an employer’s bottom line and an individual’s livelihood. The TEEX Business and Cyber Solutions team understands this. That is why we provide training with expert instructors who focus on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that workers need to make an impact. We also understand that time is much too valuable to spend in the typical semester model which can take months.
All training is delivered in a short-course format, typically one to four weeks. Due to the hands-on nature of all our training, the typical delivery method is through classroom-based instruction, however, there are a number of online course options. To maximize time and effectiveness, a blended learning approach is utilized where appropriate.
Whether you are an employer wanting to increase productivity and retain workers or an individual interested in advancing your career or looking for new opportunities, the TEEX Business and Cyber Solutions team can assist you in obtaining your goals.

Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training

​​​We are proud to provide the most advanced and impactful workforce development training in the nation. We continue this tradition with welding and Lean manufacturing training. All are ideal for an employer needing help training and retaining workers or a person seeking a career with high-pay potential.​​​
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Business Transformational Services

Boost your company’s profitability with in-depth business assessment and analysis for Lean, Six Sigma, innovation, and other process improvements.

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Online Curriculum Development

We design and develop rich interactive, custom training solutions that will motivate your learners.

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TWC Skills Development

The Skills Development Fund is Texas’ premier job-training program providing local customized training opportunities for Texas businesses and workers to increase skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce.

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Workforce Solutions

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