It is the participant’s responsibility to make their accommodation needs known and to provide the appropriate documentation to support the need for the accommodations.

Federal law requires that instructors make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of participants with disabilities to provide equal training access and avoid discrimination. In providing an adjustment, TEEX does not have to eliminate or lower essential requirements, make modifications that would result in a fundamental alteration of programs or activities or impose an undue burden on the institution.

Requesting Accommodations

Participants should fill the Accommodation Request Form online and may be asked to provide the following:

Documents supporting your disability needs:

  • The documentation should provide information on the impact of the disability so that appropriate accommodations can be identified. 
  • Documentation may include assessments, reports, and/or letters from qualified evaluators, professionals, or institutions. Common sources of documentation are health care providers, psychologists, diagnosticians, and/or information from a previous school (e.g., accommodation agreements/letters, 504, IEP, or ARD documents).

How do I submit the form and supporting documents?

The supporting documents can be submitted in person, delivered by mail, or faxed.

We do not recommend sending medical documentation through e-mail. If you want to send in documentation electronically, we recommend using an encrypted file share service. You may request an encrypted link to upload your documents by email to

Important COVID-19 Information: While the agency is minimizing in-person interactions and activities, it is recommended that documentation NOT be sent by mail since staff access to this communication medium may be limited. Staff is also not currently available for in-person drop off at this time.  For now, sending documentation electronically is the best method.

Physical Address

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Room 2050
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Mailing Address

Texas A&M Engineering Service (TEEX)
Strategic and Education Services (SES)
PO Box 40006
College Station, TX 77842

FAX Number
(979) 458-6822

When to submit the request and documentation?

Requests can be made at any time before or during a course, but it is recommended that to initiate a request 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the course. Advance notice of the need for an academic adjustment can help to ensure that there is adequate time to review the request and determine each request on a case-by-case basis.

I submitted the form and documentation, what’s next?

Student Services will coordinate with the participant and instructors to make reasonable accommodations. Appropriate accommodations are determined based on the documented needs, previous accommodations, and functional limitations of the participant.

The participant should review the approved accommodations with their instructor(s) on or before the first day of class.

Will I be provided the same accommodations for my licensing exam?

Licensing or certification entities typically need to review and approve testing accommodations separately from TEEX. Accommodations allowed by TEEX for a class or training may differ from those allowed by the licensing entity.  You should contact the licensing entity directly for more information.

Throughout my military and federal career, I must say the instructor and instruction were some of the best I’ve ever encountered. He is a definite contribution and amazing reflection of TEEX and Texas A&M.

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