The OSHA Outreach Training Program is an integral part of occupational safety and health training. This voluntary program promotes workplace safety and health and makes workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights. Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers deliver 10-hour and 30-hour outreach classes to workers in these areas for construction, general industry, maritime, and disaster site workers.

To become an Authorized Outreach Trainer, interested individuals must meet the OSHA required industry specific safety experience requirements (through the OSHA Trainer Application process), successfully complete the one-week prerequisite training course in the applicable OSHA standards, and successfully complete the corresponding one-week OSHA trainer course. OSHA does not waive the training prerequisites. To maintain a current trainer status, Trainers must successfully complete an update course in their specified industry every 4 years.

OSHA periodically updates the requirements that authorized Outreach trainers must follow in conducting and reporting OSHA Outreach Training Program classes. Outreach trainers are responsible for following the most current OSHA Outreach Training Program Requirements.

OSHA publishes a list of OSHA-Authorized Trainers. To be included, Trainers must opt-in through the OSHA Outreach Trainer Portal.

Summary document of key changes in the revised January, 2019, OSHA Outreach Training Program Requirements and Procedures.

OSHA Outreach Trainer Portal

OSHA Outreach Trainer Program Website

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My Outreach Trainer Card is expired, now what? The trainer must retake the trainer course. The trainer course requires the applicable standards course as the prerequisite and it must have been taken within the last seven (7) years.

Construction Trainer Update (OSHA #502)

General Industry Trainer Update (OSHA #503)

TEEX instructor Tim Storey talks to two participants inside the Confined Space Training Trailer.

TEEX OSHA training at Brownsville, Texas Fire Rescue

Outreach Card Fees And Processing Information For Trainers

  • Cards are individualized for both trainers and students in construction, general industry, maritime, and disaster site workers
  • With the enhancement and additional fraud protection on the Outreach cards, the fee for cards is now $8.00 per card
  • All Outreach cards will now include a QR code leading to a website allowing employers and workers to verify the authenticity of each card
  • The fee for replacement cards is now $25.00 per card
  • An Outreach Card Payment Form MUST accompany any purchase order or check payment for cards

If you require assistance or have questions regarding your OSHA Outreach Training Report, please contact our Customer Care Center at
(800) SAFE-811/(800) 723-3811. You may also send us an email:

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