Do the OSHA courses I have taken in the past expire?


Is there a time limit in which I have to complete my CSHO?


What are the benefits of the CSHO certificate?

The CSHO certificate is recognized by safety & health professionals as a significant industry designation awarded to almost 200 recipients annually. The program targets safety & health professionals with responsibility for worksite safety and supervision to include related inspections and audits. The program provides technical training unique to the needs of safety managers, supervisors, and/or directors responsible for successful company safety and health programs. Once achieved, many industry professionals may be eligible for pay increases, promotions, and other incentives available specific to the organization or sponsoring agency.

Does the CSHO have specialized areas of expertise?

Yes, the CSHO certificate has two track options available to applicants. The first is specific to the construction industry and the second is designated as general industry. Each track contains industry-specific training delivered by subject matter experts.

If a portion of the required TEEX CSHO training has already been completed through another approved OSHA Education Center, is credit for those completed courses transferrable?

Yes, up to 50% of all required course hours unique to the TEEX CSHO program may be satisfied by completed training received through any OSHA Training Institute Education Center or the OSHA Training Institute in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

What is the approval process for transferable course credit received through an approved OSHA Education Center or the OSHA Training Institute Education Center in Illinois? 

Confirmation of all equivalency credit for the TEEX CSHO program will be provided through proof of successful course completion. All certificates of completion may be sent to TEEX Customer Care Center at [email protected]

Who is responsible for keeping up with the student’s progress surrounding the completion of all course work required to receive a CSHO certificate?

The student is required to keep track of all completed course work necessary to be awarded a CSHO certificate.

How is TEEX notified of the student’s forecast completion of a CSHO track?

Once the student has registered for their last course necessary to be awarded a CSHO certificate, they are responsible for submitting a CSHO Track Application form, at least, two weeks prior to the scheduled class.

Is there a CSHO Track Application form located on the TEEX website?

Yes, a downloadable form can be found here. Once completed, the form should be TEEX Customer Care Center at [email protected]

Is there a requirement students be affiliated with a certain safety & health profession or have a specific area of expertise or education level in order to attain a TEEX CSHO certificate?

No, although some courses have prerequisites, the TEEX CSHO certificate program was established in an effort to build safety & health professionals ranging from experienced industry personnel to entry level applicants just beginning a career in the safety & health field.  

I am ready to get started on my CSHO certificate but new to the safety & health field. Any recommendations on courses I should take first?

TEEX recommends students new to the safety & health field select a CSHO track (General or Construction) and register for the associated OSHA Standards course (OSHA 510 or 511) first before graduating to other courses.

Once I begin the process of attaining a CSHO certificate, how long do I have to complete it?

The TEEX CSHO certificate program is a self-paced training experience with no time table expectations for completion or associated membership fees.

Is there any portion of the CSHO certificate program available through online training?

Yes, all CSHO courses are available to be taken online. 

Is transferable higher education credit available to students who complete training associated with the TEEX CSHO program?

Yes, a full list of college and university articulation agreements for credit specific to the TEEX CSHO program are available for review here.

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