Industrial Emergencies for Municipal-Based Responders (IEMBR)

The Industrial Emergencies for Municipal-Based Responders program (IEMBR) trains municipal firefighters to handle industrial and other non-traditional emergencies. 

  • Phase I, the online portion of this training, is targeted to give a specific tactical approach for handling an industrial emergency response. Note: in the state of Texas, Phase I can be delivered in a classroom setting. 
  • Phase II, the practical hands on exercises, introduce and reinforce the tactical methods required to mitigate an industrial emergency incident.

Special Offer – IEMBR Phase I And II

TEEX is pleased to offer IEMBR Phase I (Online) and Phase II at no cost to you. We have received funding from the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program to provide the courses at no cost. Travel and lodging for Phase II are included.

XTN092 Phase I must be completed before attending Phase II. This course is available online. 

Register for Phase I now.

IND029 Phase II - there are currently five dates scheduled to complete this course. This training will take place at the TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station, Texas. Three weekend training opportunities are included for your convenience.

A limited number of spaces are available on each date, so be sure to sign up early.

To register for Phase II, click on the class date you want to attend.

New Courses

XTN093 Fertilizer Grade Ammonium Nitrate (FGAN) is an 8-hour course designed to provide emergency responders with the skills and knowledge necessary to respond to a fire or emergency incident involving Fertilizer-Grade Ammonium Nitrate (FGAN).

See complete course descriptions and class dates below.

Safety First

All students participating in training at TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field are required to follow all guidelines in the Student Safety Manual for the fire field.

Funding Options DHS/FEMA Veterans Benefits GSA
Delivery Types Online Face-to-Face Blended

Industrial Emergencies for Municipal Responders

Division Course Number Title Description Funding Option Delivery Type



Industrial Emergencies for Municipal-Based Responders Phase II




Industrial Emergencies for Municipal-Based Responders Phase I




Industrial Emergencies for Municipal Based Responders - Phase I




Fertilizer-Grade Ammonium Nitrate (FGAN) Hazards


Custom Training Information

If you have a special training need, contact us to create a class to your specifications.

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