Building Collapse

Industrial Complex Collapse

This structure is designed to simulate industrial complex failures, including various collapses of vessels, valves, and piping.

Strip Mall Collapse

The strip mall is comprised of five connecting rooms, with each featuring a specific type of structural failure that requires students to utilize different rescue skills. The structure delivers the dimension of unpredictability, which often occurs in a real-life collapse.

Office Complex Collapse

This structure replicates the effects of an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or bomb detonated deep within the structure, including various levels of collapsed wall structures and roof systems.

Single Family Building Collapse

This family dwelling simulates structural damage from either a natural or man-made disaster. The structure features a basement to provide a sub-level training experience.

Multi-Purpose Building Collapse

The large public assemble hall features a theater and offices in various states of collapse, each containing void spaces to challenge students to search, locate and extricate victims.

Single Family Building