Emergency Medical Services Lab

The 1,473-square-foot state-of-the-art EMS lab is located in College Station, Texas on our 297-acre training campus between the Emergency Operations Training Center and Disaster City. It offers realistic practice in specific medical services you will use during clinical rotations, the National Registry Exam, and for actual work. Participants respond to multiple scenarios and conduct assessments on Human Patient Simulators or moulaged volunteer victims in a variety of settings.

The Facility Includes

  • Emergency treatment room
  • Bedroom
  • Office 
  • Fully functional two bay emergency room treatment hospital area
  • Ambulance built into the center – the engine compartment and cab have been removed, but the back portion of the ambulance is fully operational, including emergency lights, oxygen, IV, and medical supplies that would be utilized by ambulance personnel.

Each room is equipped with a camera that provides live feed to the EMS office and records the exercise. This allows for immediate feedback and critique.


1595 Nuclear Science Rd
College Station, TX 77843-8000

Emergency Services Lab
Emergency services students inside an ambulance
Emergency services students inside a classroom