The advanced structural collapse training facility sits next to our largest Rubble Pile and is designed to resemble a facility where an explosion brought down a large concrete building, and also destroyed a three-story Government Complex and parking garage.

This training prop draws from many of the world’s largest disasters, such as the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, the Pentagon and the Mexico City earthquake, to create a premier training structure:

  • A replaceable 100-square-foot hanging slab can be core-drilled and cabled, diapered or breached.
  • Collapsed floors with breach panels are hung at 15, 30 and 45 degrees and provide opportunities to build sloped floor shores in different configurations.
  • Two large shattered columns permit training with heavy-duty cribbing.
  • Second facility allows tie-backs in different configurations.
  • Second story breach panels permit advanced breaching techniques.
  • Cat-walks allow advanced rope work.

The Government Complex will be utilized during Advanced Structural Collapse courses as well as for the urban search and rescue full-scale exercise program.

training prop 133

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— Vera Hughes, Client, Texas Department of Emergency Management State Administrative Agency (SAA)
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