Attendance Policy

These guidelines apply to face-to-face TEEX courses that are not part of the vocational academies or contracted deliveries. Each specific course description includes minimum attendance requirements.  


Class attendance is an essential part of the education process and participants in TEEX courses are expected to attend all class sessions and field exercises. Attendance and participation are components of successful course completion. In addition, some courses may require evaluation or other forms of assessment.  Participants that do not complete the required minimum attendance hours and other course completion requirements (where applicable) will not receive a TEEX course completion certificate. 

Tracking Attendance  

Class instructors will track attendance during the course delivery either through a sign-in sheet or bar coding system. Participants will be able to review their attendance records during the course.  

Tardiness / Early Departure  

Participants are expected to be present and ready for instruction at the scheduled time. A tardy is considered a 15 minute or more late arrival for the scheduled start time; an early departure is leaving more than 15 minutes before to the instructor releases the class.  The instructor will monitor and counsel participants on their tardiness/early departure to ensure participants comply with the stated attendance policy.   

The time a participant misses due to tardiness and/or early departures is tracked by the class instructor. To avoid an incomplete in the course, the time missed cannot violate the minimum hours of attendance required by the course attendance policy. 

Excused Absence 

TEEX courses do not allow for excused absences. 

Make Up Work  

If a participant misses a portion of the course, it is the participant’s responsibility to contact the instructor, before the end of the course they are attending, to determine if and/or how missed work can be made up. The instructor will evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, whether or not the missed instruction can be made-up. In some cases, make-up work will not be available (due to equipment/facility needs) and the hours missed will be deducted from their attended hours.   

Make up work must not interfere with the other scheduled class hours/activities, and must be completed by the end of the course or within the maximum timeframe identified by the instructor. 

Dispute Resolution   

Participants who would like to appeal their attendance status can file a report through