OIL100 – 40.00 Hours


Dates Location Class Price
Details 04/03/23 – 04/07/23 Galveston, TX FP OIL100 186 $1350.00 Register
Details 05/08/23 – 05/12/23 Galveston, TX FP OIL100 187 $1350.00 Register
Details 06/05/23 – 06/09/23 Galveston, TX FP OIL100 188 $1350.00 Register
Details 07/17/23 – 07/21/23 Galveston, TX FP OIL100 189 $1350.00 Register
Details 08/21/23 – 08/25/23 Galveston, TX FP OIL100 190 $1350.00 Register
Details 09/11/23 – 09/15/23 Galveston, TX FP OIL100 191 $1350.00 Register
Details 10/09/23 – 10/13/23 Galveston, TX FP OIL100 192 $1350.00 Register
Details 11/13/23 – 11/17/23 Galveston, TX FP OIL100 193 $1350.00 Register

This schedule is subject to change without notice. If you have not received confirmation of the class prior to the class start, please contact the division at (866) 878-8900 or esti@teex.tamu.edu to get the latest schedule.

Course Description

This 40-hour course utilizes classroom discussion, multimedia presentations, and practical hands-on exercises to provide you with essential information and training needed to effectively manage a spill-response operation in estuarine and coastal environments. You will assume leadership roles and direct simulated response operations under the supervision of the instructors.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Completion Requirements

Course Attire/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

  • For field exercises, TEEX will provide participants hard-hats, cloth working gloves, life jackets and disposable ear protection.
  • For classroom activities, participants must wear full length pants, closed-toe shoes, and short sleeve / long sleeve shirts (no sleeveless shirts).
  • Participants should bring foul weather gear if inclement weather is possible. 

Participants Must Provide

  • a photo identification on the first day of class. See the Participant Handbook for approved forms of identification and additional guidelines.

Attendance Requirements

Class attendance is an essential part of the education process and participants in TEEX courses are expected to attend all class sessions and field exercises. This course requires participants to attend a minimum of 80% of the class hours as a component of successful course completion. During the course, your instructor will review any additional attendance requirements, for example a field exercise that cannot be missed.


Physical Recommendation

Due to the strenuous nature of class activities, you should secure a professional evaluation of your physical condition prior to enrolling in this course.


  • Aerial surveillance
  • Boom and skimmer design
  • Communications equipment
  • Containing and recovering oil on surface water
  • Contingency planning and response team training
  • Movement, containment and cleanup of oil
  • Oil recovery from soil and oily debris disposal
  • Oil-spill contractors and cooperatives
  • Reporting and documenting oil spills
  • Security, damage claims and public relations
  • Shoreline protection, cleanup and restoration
  • Sorbents and chemical agents

Suggested Audience

  • First responders
  • Industrial and refinery personnel
  • Government employees
  • Individuals who may be tasked with responding to oil spill incidents

Other Information

Class Location and Travel Information

Classes are conducted at

8609 Teichman Rd.
Galveston, Texas

Contact Information

Kirk Richardson

Training Director
Phone: (979) 845-1158 | (866) 878-8900
Email: kirk.richardson@teex.tamu.edu

Payment Info

  • Credit Card – Complete online registration or call (979) 845-2130.
  • Purchase Order – Complete online registration and send a copy of PO documentation within 48 hour.

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