OSH301 – 23.00 Hours


Dates Location Class Price
Details 10/26/21 – 10/28/21 Live Online Instructor-Led Training OS OSH301 297 $625.00 Register
Details 11/30/21 – 12/02/21 San Antonio, TX OS OSH301 300 $625.00 Register
Details 11/30/21 – 12/02/21 Live Online Instructor-Led Training OS OSH301 317 $625.00 Register
Details 01/18/22 – 01/20/22 Live Online Instructor-Led Training OS OSH301 301 $625.00 Register
Details 02/15/22 – 02/17/22 San Antonio, TX OS OSH301 305 $625.00 Register
Details 02/15/22 – 02/17/22 Hobbs, NM OS OSH301 302 $625.00 Register
Details 03/01/22 – 03/03/22 Humble, TX OS OSH301 313 $625.00 Register
Details 03/14/22 – 03/16/22 Mesquite, TX OS OSH301 310 $625.00 Register
Details 03/29/22 – 03/31/22 Live Online Instructor-Led Training OS OSH301 304 $625.00 Register
Details 04/26/22 – 04/28/22 Odessa, TX OS OSH301 312 $625.00 Register
Details 04/26/22 – 04/28/22 San Antonio, TX OS OSH301 306 $625.00 Register
Details 06/07/22 – 06/09/22 Pasadena, TX OS OSH301 315 $625.00 Register
Details 06/07/22 – 06/09/22 Live Online Instructor-Led Training OS OSH301 307 $625.00 Register
Details 06/21/22 – 06/23/22 Mesquite, TX OS OSH301 311 $625.00 Register
Details 07/06/22 – 07/08/22 San Antonio, TX OS OSH301 309 $625.00 Register
Details 07/19/22 – 07/21/22 Humble, TX OS OSH301 314 $625.00 Register
Details 08/01/22 – 08/03/22 Hobbs, NM OS OSH301 303 $625.00 Register
Details 08/16/22 – 08/18/22 Live Online Instructor-Led Training OS OSH301 308 $625.00 Register

This schedule is subject to change without notice. If you have not received confirmation of the class prior to the class start, please contact the division at (800) 723-3811 or (800) SAFE-811 or itsi@teex.tamu.edu to get the latest schedule.

Course Description

TEEX OSHA Training Institute Education Center LogoThe Excavation, Trenching, and Soil Mechanics (OSHA #3015) course covers the OSHA Excavation Standard and safety and health aspects of excavation and trenching. Course topics include practical soil mechanics and its relationship to the stability of shored and unshored slopes and walls of excavations, introduction of various types of shoring (wood timbers and hydraulic), soil classification, and use of protective systems. Testing methods are demonstrated and students participate in workshops in the use of instruments such as penetrometers, torvane shears, and engineering rods. Upon course completion, students will have the ability to assess their employer’s compliance with the OSHA Excavation Standard, utilize soil testing methods to classify soil types, determine protective systems for excavation operations, and training requirements.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Attendance Requirements

TEEX and the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) have an attendance policy that requires participants to fully attend an enrolled class in its entirety (100% of the course). We realize that extenuating circumstances may arise that would take a participant out of class and have a policy to handle those situations. If a participant misses less than 20% of the class, he/she may be able to perform makeup work equivalent to the class time missed. If 20% or more of the class is missed, the participant may attend a makeup course upon approval by TEEX’s OTI Education Center Director.


  • Introduction to the Excavation and Trenching Regulations
  • General Requirements
  • Introduction to Soil Mechanics
  • Soil Classification
  • Field Testing Soil
  • Protection Requirements and Methods
  • Sloping, Benching, and Shoring
  • Field Application

Suggested Audience

This course is designed for construction industry personnel who are involved in excavations or trenches.

Government Programs

  • GSA contract number: GS-02F-0003P. GSA customers, to register please contact itsi@teex.tamu.edu or call (800) 723-3811 GSA Schedule logo

Contact Information

Infrastructure Training & Safety Institute
OSHA Training Institute Education Center
Phone: (979) 458-9188 | Toll-Free: (800) 723-3811 or (800) SAFE-811
Email: itsi@teex.tamu.edu

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