COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS – For the past two weeks, firefighters and emergency service personnel from across the state and the nation came to College Station to attend Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service’s (TEEX) Texas Annual Fire Training Schools. Industrial Fire School, from July 17 to 22, attracts professionals from corporations and industries around the country. More than 700 students came from places as far as Washington, Wyoming and Hawaii to strengthen their skills in more than 20 courses dealing with industrial firefighting. The second week, July 24 to 29, Municipal Fire School drew nearly 900 municipal and volunteer firefighters for more than 30 courses, including wildland firefighting, automobile extrication and rope rescue.

Chief Gordon Lohmeyer, Division Director of Fire and Emergency Services, says, “This year, we are celebrating our 60th Annual Industrial School and 93rd Annual Municipal School. Each year, fire service personnel from municipalities and industry participate in intensive, weeklong courses. Choosing to train during any of the fire schools enables participants to acquire new skills, meet with peers from around the nation, make new connections in the fire industry and gain confidence from the best in hands-on emergency response training available.”

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Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
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