TEEX Offers Product Testing and Development Assistance, Improving First Responder Safety

Yellow robot machine

Although many know Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) as a provider of emergency response training and technical assistance, TEEX also offers unique product testing capabilities through the TEEX Testing and Innovation Center (TT&IC). The TT&IC leverages the knowledge, experience, facilities, and subject matter experts of TEEX, along with the research capabilities of the Texas A&M University System, to become a premier resource for public safety technologies.

Recently, the TT&IC has been working with Howe & Howe Technologies, a company that has developed a line of firefighting robots. They have brought these robots to TEEX’s facilities so first responders and subject matter experts can test them in real-world contexts.

On a cold January morning, two of the firefighting robots, RS1 and its big brother RS3, rolled onto TEEX’s Brayton Fire Training Field, ready for action. RS3 worked beside a team of industrial firefighters fighting a fire on a railroad tank car prop. The team positioned the robot where they needed high-volume water, using it as another hose team. In addition to serving as a hose team, the robot can assist by spraying high-pressure foam and moving heavy objects to clear pathways.

Yellow robot machine putting out a fire with a built in water hose

After testing, technology developers get feedback from TEEX’s subject matter experts. At the end of the testing cycle, TEEX provides the company with a report, and they publish a performance review for first responder departments who may want to purchase this product.

This is just one more way that TEEX makes a difference: helping technology developers, engineers, and businesses improve the safety of emergency responders. One of TT&IC’s main goals is to provide unbiased assessments of products and solutions to assist federal, state and local governments and departments with purchasing and use decisions.

TT&IC Technology Evaluation Manager Ray Ivie says, “TEEX is a thought leader in the professional communities we train and serve. By leveraging the exceptional facilities, subject matter experts and access to professionals in the field, our goal is to provide a valuable service through testing and evaluating products and solutions that improve capabilities and make these professions safer.”

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