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The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service’s (TEEX) Testing and Innovation Center recently published a TEEX-Tested® Report about the Squishy Robotics System. TEEX-Tested® reports provide emergency response personnel and acquisition decision-makers with unbiased information about the product’s performance, functionality and reliability in the field.

During TEEX-Tested® assessments, TEEX assembles a panel of subject matter experts to evaluate products for public safety personnel, such as firefighters and law enforcement officers. Experts at TEEX then design realistic scenarios to test products in an environment where they would likely operate. The assessments take place at TEEX’s facilities at Brayton Fire Training Field, Disaster City and on the Texas A&M-RELLIS campus. TEEX is uniquely situated to offer these assessments, as TEEX leverages its facilities that provide realistic operational environments for testing and long-standing relationships with subject matter professionals.

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In the assessment of Squishy Robotics, subject matter experts evaluated the robot’s durability and communications, including radio and video streaming. TEEX designed assessment scenarios to focus on hazardous materials missions and utilized drones to deploy the robots.

Ray Ivie, director of the TEEX Testing and Innovation Center, stated, “TEEX is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the public safety field. By working with organizations and individuals developing technology for first responders, we can ensure that new products aid responders and keep them as safe as possible. This is one more way TEEX is making an impact on first responders, in addition to our training and response.”

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Squishy Robotics chief operating officer Deniz Dogruer said, “Testing the data communications capabilities of our sensors in a variety of operationally relevant environments at TEEX Disaster City and Texas A&M-RELLIS was invaluable to our efforts to continually improve our technology to meet the very challenging needs of first responders. The multi-day testing—motivated by specific use cases and conducted in conjunction with the guidance and feedback from a panel of subject matter experts—provided a truly unique testing capability and will produce results that will be directly relevant to the public safety community.”

To read more about TEEX’s assessment of Squishy Robotics, see https://teex.org/news/teex-testing-and-innovation-center-collaborates-with-texas-am-system-entities-to-assess-public-safety-technology/. For more information or to see how TEEX’s Testing and Innovation Center can assist you, contact [email protected] or call (979) 500-6946.  

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