Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Releases Online Semiconductor Workforce Training Course

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the Texas CHIPS Act, a piece of legislation that will encourage semiconductor-related companies to expand in Texas, maintaining the state’s position as the nation’s leader in semiconductor manufacturing.

Semiconductors, or microchips, are an essential component of electronic devices, including computers, printers, cars and mobile phones. As society increasingly relies on these devices, the demand for semiconductors is also increasing. According to Deloitte, by 2030, the semiconductor workforce in the United States will need to grow by more than one million skilled workers. Individuals entering the semiconductor manufacturing industry and companies hiring new employees will need high-quality entry-level training.

The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) is poised to meet this need and develop the workforce needed for the future of the industry. In June, TEEX announced the release of a new online, asynchronous course, “Introduction to Semiconductor Processing.” The course will aid the workforce in increasing production efficiency and improving products.

The subject matter experts who developed this course for TEEX have decades of experience working in the semiconductor industry and delivering semiconductor courses. In addition to the new online course, participants can also enroll in a face-to-face version.

For more information, see https://teex.org/class/SCP016/.  

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