Firefighters putting out a fire

Date: July 29, 2021

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS – Guests at the annual Public Firefighting Demonstration Night watched Wednesday as instructors at the 92nd annual Municipal Fire Training School attacked staged fires throughout the TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field.

For the last week, firefighters from throughout the state have learned and honed skills needed to fight fires in their home communities, and even more attended last week’s Industrial Fire School. In total, more than 1,400 firefighting students and 500 guest instructors and subject matter experts traveled to take part in the schools, both of which were canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Angerer, executive associate division director of the TEEX Emergency Services Training Institute, said many rural fire departments across the state rely on volunteer firefighters who would not otherwise have access to the training they receive at the two fire schools. Those new firefighters come in at “ground zero,” he said, so the experience gives them a knowledge base to build upon.

“That allows them to get a firefighter that they can put on a firetruck to run in those rural communities a lot quicker and at a lower possible cost,” he said. Continue Reading

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