The approach to disaster recovery for a community should be holistic and all-encompassing. Overall recovery efforts should include the whole community as well as government resources. The TEEX Disaster Management Recovery Program helps jurisdictions build recovery capabilities through facilitated training and exercises using established National Frameworks and best practices. During training, participants receive crucial information designed to assist communities by enhancing and adapting existing recovery plans to better meet their community’s recovery needs. Using a comprehensive approach, the TEEX Disaster Management Recovery Program aids communities in establishing conditions for the successful management of the Recovery Continuum. The Program includes training that encompass both recovery efforts and operations throughout the recovery continuum. The training covers short and long-range strategic, operational, and tactical implications, including public and private sectors, local, state, tribal, and federal governments as well as non-governmental organizations. Recovery planning is multidisciplinary and should be applied across the continuum to optimize the opportunities for effective and inclusive whole community recovery.  The goal of the Program is not to just recover quickly; rather, to come back in a manner that is sustainable in both the short and long term with a focus on futureproofing to make our communities more resilient.

Disaster Recovery

This course exceeded what I thought of the class. I learned things I wasn’t sure I could learn.

— Processing Evidence of Violent Crimes
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