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What you will need:

  • Desktop computer or laptop
  • Speaker and Microphone (built-in or external)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Headphones are preferable to help limit distractions, but speakers are fine as well
  • Cameras are not required unless specified by the instructor
  • Reliable Ethernet Cable or Wi-Fi connection

How to Join a Webex Online Instructor-Led Training Session:

If you have an invitation to join a Webex meeting, but you can’t download the installer, you can still join the meeting using the web app instead. You don’t need to install anything using the web app; it launches in your web browser.

  • Click on the Join link in your email invitation.
  • Enter your name, email address, and password. Then select Join. You can also select the Join by Browser link to join using the Cisco WebEx web app.
  • Join your meeting 20 minutes before the training begins to ensure all your technology is working properly.

Connecting to WebEx Audio:

After you join the training session, do the following:

  • Choose to connect to audio using VoIP option. To adjust your speaker and microphone settings, go to Audio > Speaker/Microphone Audio Test in the menu bar.
  • To mute or unmute yourself at any time, select the microphone icon That appears next to your name in the participants window on the right. When you join the session, please mute your audio to minimize background noise.

Supported Operating Systems


Up-to-date Internet browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

Conduct During Live Online Instructor-Led Courses 

The safety of our participants is our utmost priority. In the event it is determined that a participant is actively driving a vehicle during a live online instructor-led class, the instructor will ask the participant to pull over and find a safe location in which to focus and participate. If the participant does not or cannot comply with attending the class without driving the vehicle, the instructor will dismiss the participant from the class. Online training (to include virtual) is non-refundable once the class has started. A dismissed participant may submit an appeal through our participant appeal process. 

Additional considerations for these types of courses include the following. 

  • While the dress code for the virtual classroom is more relaxed than the traditional classroom, participants are expected to dress and be groomed in a respectful and appropriate manner during their virtual class sessions. The appropriateness of virtual classroom dress /grooming is at the discretion of the instructor. 
  • Some virtual courses may require you to be visible throughout the session. If the instructor requests that you keep your video on throughout the class, you must do so. 
  • Similarly, any request to turn off the video must also be promptly followed. 
  • Your audio must be muted throughout the session unless the instructor provides guidance to do otherwise or it is your turn to speak in class. Leaving on your audio will cause a distraction and disturbance to the class. 
  • Your screen name must match your registration name for attendance tracking purposes. 
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