Emergency Management * Exercise System

Incident Management and Multi-Agency Coordination Training

An adaptable web-based simulation specifically for management level exercises.

The EM*ES simulation can support local, jurisdictional, regional, and large-scale response training and exercise operations involving human “role players” and computer-injected events.  The system can be run as a desktop or web-based application, and can operate on standalone, distributed, or wireless networks.  Participants can be in geographically different locations, if desired.

Training Packages

Training Uses

  • Decision making exercises
  • Situational awareness
  • Information management
  • Large-scale incident command processes and principles
  • Emergency management processes
  • Unified command principles
  • Resource management and more


Flexible and adaptable to any organization to include industrial settings, universities, hospitals, and private and public agencies and organizations


The simulation provides a total immersion in an emergency management/incident-management training environment and allows supervisory-level responders and emergency operations personnel a practical, simulated experience in the management and support of a large-scale incident.


EM*ES can be delivered at any location worldwide, or at the state-of-the-art TEEX Emergency Operations Training Center (EOTC) located in College Station, Texas

Contact Information

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