Product Analysis Reports provide feedback from multiple sources within the industry and the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) to validate the product. Sole sourcing provides only one perception of the market and it is difficult to observe if the results are an accurate representation of the market.


Product Analysis unfolds through contact with subject matter experts within the Texas A&M University System and throughout the industry. 

Product feedback, recommendations, and other ​information is collected, analyzed, and reported to paint a clear picture of product viability for the customer.


The Aggie Network is expansive, and we have yet to find a Fortune 500 company that is without an employed Texas A&M University graduate.

Case Studies

Benchmade Kn​​​​​ives

TEEX put several knives into the hands of firefighters in Dallas, Houston, and Bryan/College Station. These practitioners provided feedback instrumental to Benchmade’s continued development of the product.

Contact Information

Scott Terry

Program Director

Phone: (979) 458-6710

I have been wanting to know how to keep my home computer secure. At work I asked the Technology Dept. to teach something, but they are so busy with what they do, my suggestion was not heard. The material in your class gives me an understanding of terms, how to use software, how to care for my computer as well as take care of my computer at work. I have taken many FEMA preparedness courses and find this one of immediate practical use. Thank you for letting me be a student.

— Christine Bucko, Student
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