The Responder Training Management System is a complete training record maintenance system designed with you, the responder in mind. Recurring training and keeping track of credentials is a tough job, but our system makes it easy. TEEX knows responder training – we do responder training – now use our easy-to-use system to keep track of your internal records for all of your responders and relax knowing that the system has you covered.


  • Allows Training Managers/“chiefs” to view responder’s current training and readiness
  • Training Manager can define “deploy ability” by establishing qualifications with necessary training and dates
  • Training Manger can define groups of responders, as “Team A”, “Team B”, etc. to establish management roles for each team defined
  • Training Manager can assign training needed to responders and view current status of their assignments
  • 90-60-30-0 day notifications of upcoming and expiring training needed by the “deploy ability” standards or assigned training sent in escalation with management roles defined​


  • Monthly fee based system available – based on number of responders in system and billed accordingly
  • Turn-key system – NO I.T. department necessary – we handle everything technical for you
  • Easy to use system to keep up with training records and recurring training

Contact Information

Michael Greene

Program Manager

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (979) 320-6134

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