Strategy Planning for Communities

​​​​​​​Our Strategic Planning process provides your economic development leaders and stakeholders with an opportunity for in-depth assessment and discussion of your community’s future.​

We present initial findings of your community assessment and provide insights into: 

  • opportunities related to statewide initiatives
  • economic development trends
  • industrial growth specific to your region​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​Wor​​king closely with local leaders and economic developers, we set your community on a path of prosperity as we:

  • facilitate strategic planning w​​orkshops​​​​
  • document your community’s Strategic Plan
  • develop an Economic Development Strategic Plan ​with:​
    • a vision statement
    • goals​​​
    • strategies
    • action plan


Increase local understanding of economic development

Economic Development for Local Leaders Course

Strategic plan development

  • Community Assessment
  • Community Planning Workshop
  • Plan Documentation
  • Leadership Review
  • Adopt and Announce
  • Analyze & Profile a Community

Gain access to federal and state resources

Briefings to State and Federal partners​


A completed ED Strategic Plan serves as road map/action plan for communities to become competitive, attractive to business thus creating more jobs and increased quality of life.

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Contact Information

Lisa Mutchler

Lisa Mutchler

Economic Development Director

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (979) 393-0737

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