Technical Assistance, Assessments, and Exercises

TEEX offers you top-notch training from seasoned professionals. However, our capabilities extend far beyond our courses.

You can also count on us to provide solutions in the following Technical Assistance areas:

Safety Audit

Safety professionals trained to meet OSHA and FEMA standards will assess procedures, policies, and facilities.


Subject matter experts will work directly with community officials to develop custom exercises, drills and tabletop simulations.

Problem Solving

Experts in OSHA and FEMA standards will provide consultations for communities and entities to develop necessary training curriculum, exercises, and plans.

Contract Disaster Management

Experts experienced in dealing with real-world public works response to critical infrastructure disasters can provide their knowledge to guide your community.

Emergency Operations Plans

Entity-wide plans developed through the assessment of assets and workshops with internal and external stakeholders including first responder groups.

Site Response/Incident Action Plans

These plans follow the same highly detailed approach with a focus on specific structure while considering the unique challenges of an individual site.

Site Hazard and Safety Assessments

Assessment of locations allows entities to understand and identify vulnerabilities and risks they may face when dealing with natural and man-made disasters.

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