Work/Life Balance

The Texas A&M University System is proud to offer Work/Life Solutions, a short-term counseling and management consultation. This Employee Assistance Program is designed to assist you and your family in resolving work/life issues. Their resources also include child and eldercare advice, referrals on to-do list items such as hiring contractors and pet care, stress management, legal guidance and more.

Flexible Work Arrangements

TEEX strives to improve employees’ work/life balance. To support this initiative, some positions are eligible for flexible work schedules and remote work. 

Wellness Release Time

Employees can use 30 minutes up to three times a week to exercise or participate in wellness or physical fitness activity.

Longevity Pay

Full-time employees are eligible for longevity pay. Longevity pay is calculated as $20.00 per month for every two years of lifetime service credit as an employee of the state of Texas, up to and including 42 years of service. This amount is added to the employee’s base pay in two-year increments.

Paid Holidays

Full-time and part-time employees receive paid holidays, as established by the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents (ranging from 12 to 15 days per year).

Vacation Leave

Full-time employees begin accruing eight hours of vacation leave per month, and accrual rates increase based on years of service. Upon supervisor approval, accumulated vacation leave may be used after six continuous months of state service.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees accrue eight hours per month, while part-time employees earn sick leave based on the percentage of hours worked monthly. Hours are eligible for use on the date of hire.

Military Leave

Up to 15 days of leave are allowed each federal fiscal year for active duty orders or training for employees who are serving.

As a member of the Texas A&M University System, TEEX offers a host of benefits to employees.

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