Over 1,100 attend 2020 Leadership Development Symposium

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SAN MARCOS, TX – The 12th annual TEEX Leadership Development Symposium in San Marcos, TX, broke previous attendance records with 1,150 emergency responders from across Texas, as well as 24 other states and Canada. The event, held Jan. 20-22, provides leadership training for personnel in emergency services and public safety.

Training sessions were led by over 30 speakers from across the state and nation. They covered topics related to leadership, safety, law and ethics, financial management, response to critical incidents, use of digital technology and data, cancer and health, suicide prevention, and more.

Keynote speakers included U.S. Navy Capt. Michael Abrashoff, former commander of the USS Benfold; Capt. Kirk McKinzie of the Sosumnes (CA) Fire Department, Former U.S. Army Ranger Capt. Nate Self; Fire Chief Rick Lasky (retired), president of Fire Alarm Leadership LLC; Chief Joel Baker of the Austin Fire Department; and Dr. Joseph Love, Trauma Medical Director of HCA Kingwood Medical Center and University of Houston Medical School. In addition, participants could choose among 20 breakout sessions.

In memory of the fallen firefighters from Texas, a tribute flame burned during the symposium, which was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in San Marcos.

“Each and every individual must understand that a leader is not defined by a title or position, but one’s ability to inspire others to achieve,” said TEEX Training Manager Robert Barron. “This applies to work, play and at home.  The Leadership Symposium continues to be a premier event for individuals from all walks of life to improve their leadership skills to be leader. The Leadership Symposium team continues to strive to make the Symposium the ‘must attend’ event for everyone to gain the needed skills and knowledge to be a leader of tomorrow.”

Registration is free for State of Texas residents and only $150 for out-of-state residents.  The event is sponsored annually by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Emergency Services Training Institute.

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