TEEX Breaks Ground on New Administration Building at Brayton Fire Training Field

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS – On Monday, February 21, the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) held a groundbreaking ceremony, launching the construction of a new classroom and administrative building at the Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station.

The 38,692 square foot building will provide centrally located classroom and office space. The first level will house an interactive lobby, adjustable classroom pods, an EMS pod and a gift shop. Offices for staff will be located on the second floor, along with a computer lab and parents’ room.

Additionally, the building will be outfitted with interactive learning and conference capabilities, and it will include upgraded audio/visual technology for increased effectiveness of online and blended courses. The new classrooms will seat up to 560 students, more than doubling the current capacity.

TEEX Agency Director, David Coatney, stated, “The new training building at the Brayton Fire Training Field will enhance the student experience through the use of new technology, large classroom space and greater access to advanced training methods. We are excited about this next step, which will allow TEEX to continue to be a top-tier public safety/public service training organization with dedicated professionals training current and future generations.”

The building will benefit not only students but also employees. Fire and Emergency Services Division Director, Gordon Lohmeyer, said, “The new building will provide an area of collaboration for our employees. Many of our Operations and Support functions will share space, thus enabling an environment where programs can more effectively and efficiently work together. This facility will also provide a modern learning environment, utilizing new audio and video technology to enhance face-to-face learning and blended and remote classes. We are proud to take this step forward in providing new facilities for both our employees and customers.”

The TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field is located near the Texas A&M University campus. Established in 1929 and expanding over the years, it is a 297-acre facility that attracts more than 45,000 emergency responders each year for training in firefighting, rescue, emergency medical services and hazardous materials.

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