Texas Department of Information Resources and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Provide New Cyber Incident Investigation Training for Law Enforcement

AUSTIN– The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), in partnership with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), today launched a free online course to equip Texas law enforcement with the knowledge necessary to recognize and respond to cybercrimes that they may be called upon to investigate.  

“Law enforcement professionals are often the first responders to cybersecurity incidents in much of Texas,” said Tony Sauerhoff, State of Texas Cybersecurity Coordinator. “We are excited to launch this new training that will better prepare law enforcement personnel across the state to identify and understand cybersecurity incidents, improving the overall cybersecurity posture of the state.”

The new course, titled “Introduction to Cyber Incident Investigation for Law Enforcement,” originated from feedback DIR received from many Texas regional Councils of Governments who stated that law enforcement officers and first responders are often the first who are called upon when a cyber incident impacts a rural community. In response, DIR partnered with TEEX to develop a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) credit-eligible training.

“Even beyond cybercrimes, virtually every crime committed these days has a digital element to it. Being able to recognize what constitutes digital evidence and how to collect it is becoming even more critical to solving and prosecuting these crimes,” said TEEX Division Director Dr. John M. Ray. “This course will help law enforcement officers and support personnel to recognize digital evidence and build a strong foundation for their case.”

Upon completion of the course, first responders will be able to determine if a cybercrime has been committed, conduct the initial on-scene investigation, and recognize and collect appropriate evidence for further investigation.

This online course is provided at no cost to law enforcement and non-commissioned personnel, including peace officers, corrections officers, and dispatchers. While targeted to law enforcement, the free course is also available to the general public. Register for the course at: https://teex.org/class/let713

Distributed by:
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
Vita Vaughn | Director of Marketing and Communications/CMO
[email protected]