Officer and command responsibilities during emergencies demand leadership, integrity, vision, courage and most of all, training to excel in all these abilities. Four different programs provide courses designed to develop skills in the areas of Fire Officer, HazMat Incident Command, Incident Management/Unified Command and Leadership Development. Beginning with the Texas Fire Officer Training Program and continuing through Fire Service Chief Executive Officer training, fire command courses cover all levels of the fire services industry. HazMat and other incident command and management courses progress from introduction to the Incident Command System to advanced ICS and all-hazards Incident Management/Unified Command. Other specialized courses serve all levels of industrial on-scene commander training and sports and special events incident management. Leadership Development courses include NFPA Fire Officer I-IV, the annual Leadership Development Symposium for fire and emergency responders and a reality-based training instructor course.

Safety First

All students participating in training at TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field are required to follow all guidelines in the Student Safety Manual for the fire field.

Fire Field Student Safety Manual
Funding Options DHS/FEMA Veterans Benefits GSA
Delivery Types Online Face-to-Face Blended

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