HazMat courses offer a robust and comprehensive approach to training in the hazardous materials field. Programs cross all industries and provide training in areas from environmental health and safety regulations to oil spill response and unexploded ordinance removal. The HazMat training program provides the most advanced training and resources available through classroom and hands-on skills training. HazMat response teams have the option of attending courses at the Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station, Texas, or arranging for instructors to conduct training on-site using mobile training units. All classes can be customized to meet individual industry, location or other client needs. Certain classes are eligible for Pro Board/NPQS certification.

For responders in the state of Texas, most of these courses are available at no cost through the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM).

HazMat Academy

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Safety First

All students participating in training at TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field are required to follow all guidelines in the Student Safety Manual for the fire field.

Fire Field Student Safety Manual HazMat Open Enrollment Schedule At-a-Glance

Funding Options DHS/FEMA Veterans Benefits GSA
Delivery Types Online Face-to-Face Blended

Custom Training Information

If you have a special training need, contact us to create a class to your specifications.

HazMat Emergency Response Training

Nick Hickson
Training Manager
Email: nicholas.hickson@teex.tamu.edu
Phone: (979) 458-3640

I am grateful for the opportunity TEEX gave me to fast track through a paramedic program… TEEX has an extremely demanding curriculum but it is possible to make it through as long as you’re willing and able to have the self-discipline to study every day.

— Andy Brookman, MetroWest Ambulance
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