What is Rope Access?

Rope access provides a safe, cost-efficient, and effective means of accessing structures and geologic features for rescue, inspection, maintenance, and construction.

New TEEX Courses

That is why TEEX is offering new Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT®) training for anyone who needs rope access – firefighters, window washers, tower rescue technicians, amusement park repair personnel, you name it.

Our five-day course is taught at three different skill levels:

  • Level One (CEL301)
  • Level Two (CEL302)
  • Level Three (CEL303)

After four days of hands-on techniques, participants will receive a one-day evaluation consisting of a demonstration of skills and a written test.

SPRAT® Certification

Successful completion of both parts of the evaluation will result in a provisional certificate. Upon review, SPRAT® will issue a SPRAT® certificate.

A SPRAT® certification provides instant recognition and credibility for the technicians who carry it, and the companies who invest in it.

In turn, companies that hire rope access services will look for the SPRAT® certification, and will know you offer the industry’s best in technical achievement.

For More Information or to Register

Matthew Winebarger, Lead Instructor
Phone: 931-624-8477
Email: Matthew.Winebarger@teex.tamu.edu

Len Jenicek Utilities, Training Manager
Phone: 979-845-6562
Email: Len.Jenicek@teex.tamu.edu

Christy VanWinkle, Administrative Associate
Phone: 979-845-0974
Email: Christy.VanWinkle@teex.tamu.edu

TEEX instructor demonstrates rope access techniques in TEEX Utilities Training Hangar.
TEEX SPRAT Lead Instructor Matt Winebarger demonstrates rope access techniques in the Utilities Training Hangar.

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