​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is the value and impact of your organization on your community or region? 
The competitiveness process allows communities or organizations to realize their potential as well as target markets for new business and job growth.

​​​Our Latest Work​

South Texas Strategic Competitiveness Study
March 2015

South Texas Strategic Competitiveness Study

​South Texas Economic Competitiveness Conference Presentations​
May 2014

South Texas Competitiveness Assessment
South Texas Competitiveness AssessmentDr. F. Barry Lawrence
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Brownsville Navigation District
Brownsville Navigation DistrictEduardo Campirano
(25.8MB pptx)

Trends and Opportunities in the Eagle Ford
Trends and Opportunities in the Eagle Ford
Harold Hunt, PhD

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Competitive Trends in South Texas
Competitive Trends in South Texas
John A. Adams Jr., PhD

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South Texas Boom
South Texas Boom
Mike Carrell

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Texas Manufacturing Trends
Texas Manufacturing Trends
Tom Stellman​​

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One means to determine this impact and competitiveness is to conduct a benchmark analysis to determine the overall value and multiplier effect.  Such assessment looks at capital investment, job creation, as well as opportunities to enhance the organizations overall performance.


These impact studies are critical to the attraction of new business as well as the identification of new opportunities to attract investment and skills to your community. In the case of an organization, either profit or non-profit, such studies are a key tool for strategic planning.

Case Studies

Cotulla, TX (LaSalle County)

The Competiveness Study for the growing town of Cotulla in LaSalle County, the heart of the Eagle Ford oil and gas play, is a prime example of how KE worked with local leaders and industry to assess the opportunities for jobs and targets to create a sustainable community.

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