The Personnel Records System was developed to streamline the management of personnel files in a paperless environment. This system allows each employee to review and maintain his or her own record, placing the burden on the individual to ensure the information is correct. Training may be assigned to employees based on the specific requirements of their position, with oversight and approval mechanisms for supervisors as needed.

Employees may upload electronic versions of required documents and training certificates, building an online transcript and eliminating the need for bulky printed personnel files. Each uploaded document may be assigned an expiration date, triggering a set of automated email messages to the employee and supervisor as training is required. A comprehensive ad-hoc reporting tool allows administrators to generate customer reports to review aggregate data, including projections for needed training.

A custom configuration of the Personnel Records System has been developed based on the needs of the management staff of a large Urban Search & Rescue organization, containing a number of unique features that address their specific needs. US&R teams must be prepared to deploy on a moment’s notice, which requires regular training and exercises, modern equipment, and consistent communication. The Task Force Personnel Records System allows team leaders to communicate with their team, plan for deployments, and ensure that required training is provided and accounted for.

During a deployment, the Task Force system is used extensively to manage the team organizational charts and accurate information regarding individual’s assignments and location. After a deployment, this information is key for generating a number of reports, including FEMA forms for reimbursement. In 2009, this system was cited as a – Best Practice – during a FEMA Peer Review.


  • Store and report on employee personal information, including emergency points of contact.
  • Create lists of required training per position or job title. Track employees’ completion statistics, and send automated email reminders to employees and their supervisors when training expires.
  • Employees have 24/7 online access to their own personnel record, and bear the responsibility for ensuring their information and training records are up-to-date.
  • Deployment Forms and Organizational Charts
  • Ad-Hoc reporting


  • Create custom reports for contact rosters, training statistics or emergency data sheets
  • Allows you to be more effective when managing your teams, before and after deployments
  • Members can easily update and review their own personnel file to ease administrative overhead
  • Allows your task force to know you are ready for deployment
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