The International Program at TEEX offers companies and individuals the opportunity to experience the best training available worldwide. TEEX also offers Technical Assistance to evaluate your emergency response capabilities, and plans (ERP), process safety management (PSM), and risk and threat assessment.

Most of our services can be customized to meet your specific needs. Along with our ability to do on-site training at your facilities, we can also assist with setting up training at our world renowned training facility in Texas. In order to extend our services even further, we also offer training at TEEX Cooperative Learning Centers located around the world. TEEX offers many programs including:

  • Industrial Firefighting and Emergency Response
  • Rescue Training
  • HazMat Emergency Response
  • Marine Firefighting and Safety
  • LNG Emergency Response
  • Oil Spill Response Training

Cooperative Learning Centers (CLCs)

In order to extend our services even further, we also offer training at the Regional Cooperative Learning Centers below. Please call or view the CLCs information (pdf) below to see which courses each center is eligible to teach.

International TEEX Locations

Certificate Programs

Latin American Emergency Response Specialist

Contact Information

Brian Freeman

Training Director

Phone: (979) 845-0963

Ulises Penalver

Training Coordinator

Phone: (979) 845-5742

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— Vera Hughes, Client, Texas Department of Emergency Management State Administrative Agency (SAA)
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