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​01. Governance

​01.01.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Development and Publication of Agency Rules, SAPs, Procedures, Manuals and Forms ​04/24/2019

​02. Organization of System

​02.04.99.N0.01 ​SAP ​Legal Basis and Administrative Structure ​02/5/2019

​07. Etdics

​07.03.01.N1 ​Rule ​Political Campaign Events on Property under the Control of the Texas Engineering Extension Service ​05/29/2019

​08. Civil Rights Protections and Compliance

​08.01.01.N1 ​Rule ​Civil Rights Compliance ​08/26/2016

​11. Centers, Degrees and Programs

​ ​SAP Certificates​ ​03/10/2011

​15. Research Programs

​15.01.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Facilities and Administration Recovery Distribution ​03/27/2019
​15.01.01.N0-03 ​SAP ​Sub-Award of Sponsored Projects ​03/29/2018
​15.01.01.N0.04 ​SAP ​Research Administration ​01/15/2019
​15.01.04.N0.02 ​SAP ​Time and Efforts Reporting ​10/20/2015
15.02.99.N1 ​Rule ​Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP) ​01/14/2019
​15.02.99.N1.01 ​SAP ​Export Management and Compliance Program

​17. Intellectual Property

​ ​SAP ​Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Program ​8/30/2011
​17.01.99-N0.01 ​SAP ​Curriculum Development ​01/30/2014

​21. General Finance

​21.01.02.N0.01 ​SAP ​Revenue Controls ​06/06/2014
​21.01.02.N0.02 ​SAP ​Payment Collection ​09/28/2015
​21.01.02.N0.03 ​SAP ​Credit Card Processing ​09/28/2015
​21.01.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Travel ​03/13/2017
​21.01.03.N0.02 ​SAP ​Temporary Working Funds ​10/20/2015
​21.01.04.N0.01 ​SAP ​Extension of Credit ​08/18/2015
​21.01.04.N0.02 ​SAP ​Receivables – Past Due Accounts ​08/18/2020
​21.01.09.N0.01 ​SAP ​Property Acquistion, Responsibility, and Accountability ​08/31/2017
​21.01.12.N0.01 ​SAP ​Purchase of Food ​11/02/2015
​21.01.12.N0.02 ​SAP ​Purchase of Alcohol ​11/02/2015
​ ​SAP ​Control of Fraud, Waste, & Abuse ​05/15/2011
​21.05.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Gifts, Donations, Grants and Endowments ​01/15/2019
​21.99.04.N1 ​Rule ​Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property ​10/28/2012
​ ​SAP ​Delivery Records Procedures ​09/30/2010
​ ​SAP ​E-Commerce ​05/01/2018

​24. Risk Management

​24.01.01.N0.02 ​SAP ​Bloodborne Patdogens ​12/13/2021
​24.01.01.N0.03 ​SAP ​Hazard Communication ​12/13/2021
​24.01.01.N0.04 ​SAP ​Safety of Visitors, Children and Minors ​05/29/2025
​24.01.01.N0.05 ​SAP ​Safety Inspections ​01/05/2022
​24.01.01.N1-01 ​SAP ​Environmental Healtd and Safety Program ​01/02/2018
​ ​SAP ​Worker’s Compensation ​06/10/2008
​ ​SAP ​Early Return to Work ​05/20/2008
​24.01.07.N0.01 ​SAP ​Unmanned Aircraft Systems ​10/14/2017

​25. Expenditures of Funds

25.06.01.N1 ​Rule ​Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program ​07/06/2017
​25.07.99.N1 ​Rule ​Contract Administration ​11/01/2016
​25.07.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Contracts ​01/11/2019
​25.07.01.N0.02 ​SAP ​Delegation of Autdority for Contract Administration ​01/11/2019
​25.07.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Purchasing ​11/24/2015
​ ​SAP ​Cellular Communication Devices and Services ​12/03/2014
​25.99.99.N1-02 ​SAP ​Agency Funded Efforts ​01/20/2012

​26. Tuition and Fees

​26.01.99.N0.01 ​SAP ​Transfers, Cancellations, Refunds, and No Shows ​07/12/2013

​27. Financial Planning and Budgeting

​ ​SAP ​Legislative Budget Board Performance Measures ​09/01/2006

​29. Information Resources

29.01.01.N1 ​Rule Information Resources​ ​05/08/2019
​29.01.02.N0-1 ​SAP ​Software Licensing & Installations ​04/25/2018
​ ​SAP ​PC Management & Security ​07/20/2017
​29.01.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Information Security Program ​05/04/2018
​29.01.03.N0.04 ​SAP ​Information Classification 05/04/2018
​29.01.03.N0.05 ​SAP ​Information and Service Responsibilities ​05/04/2018
​ ​SAP ​Information Resources -Email & Electronic Communications 03/02/2018
​ ​SAP ​Network Configuration and Wiring 03/22/2018
​ ​SAP ​Information Systems Owners 09/17/2012
​ ​SAP ​IT Hardware & Software Purchasing ​05/01/2018
​ ​SAP ​Committee on Information Technology ​08/03/2016
​29.01.99.N0-02 ​SAP ​Acceptable Use ​04/30/2018

​31. Compensation and Benefits

​31.01.08.N1 ​Rule ​Merit Salary Increase ​02/01/2019
​31.01.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Compensation Administration ​04/08/2014
​31.01.01.N0.02 ​SAP ​Compensation Administration: Employment Resulting in Extra Pay TEEX ​10/21/2013
​31.01.07.N0.01 ​SAP ​Direct Deposit of Payroll Payments ​10/05/2012
​ ​SAP ​Overtime/Compensatory Time ​06/01/2008
​31.02.13.N0.01 ​SAP ​Wellness Programs TEEX ​11/30/2016
​31.03.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Vacation ​02/07/2014
​31.03.02.N0.01 ​SAP ​Sick Leave ​10/07/2015
​31.03.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Leave of Absence witd Pay ​10/05/2012
​31.03.04.N0.01 ​SAP ​Leave of Absence witdout Pay ​10/05/2012
​31.03.05.N0.01 ​SAP ​Family and Medical Leave ​10/05/2012
​31.03.06.N0.01 ​SAP ​Military Leave and Service ​10/05/2012
​ ​SAP ​External Employment ​10/20/2017
​31.06.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Sick Leave Pool Administration ​10/25/2012
​ ​SAP ​Employees as Students ​10/20/2017
​ ​SAP ​Educational Release time Program ​05/22/2009
​ ​SAP ​Employee Awards and Recognition ​02/12/2012
​ ​SAP ​Timekeeping for Declared Holidays, Early Release or Emergency Leave ​06/10/2008
​31.99.99-N0.02 ​SAP ​Payroll Procedures ​01/11/2013

​32. Employee Relations

32.01.02.N1 ​Rule ​Complaint and Appeal Process for Nonfaculty Employees ​10/15/2013
​31.01.02.N1.01 ​SAP ​Complaint and Appeal Process ​10/15/2013
​ ​SAP ​Performance Management Program ​10/20/2017
​32.02.012.N0.02 ​SAP ​Discipline and Dismissal ​07/01/2016

​33. Employment, Standards of Conduct

33.99.14.N1 ​Rule ​Criminal History Record Information – Employee and Applications ​03/04/2014
​33.03.99.N0.01 ​SAP ​Nepotism ​02/28/2014
​ ​SAP ​Use of System Property, Telecommunication Services, and System Resources ​08/23/2011
​33.04.99.N0.01 ​SAP ​Use of TEEX Vehicles and State Fleet Cards ​11/12/2015
​ ​SAP ​Employee Training ​10/20/2017
​33.06.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Flexible Work Arrangements ​02/24/2017
​33.99.01.N0.02 ​SAP ​Employment ​02/01/2013
​ ​SAP ​Performance Evaluations ​09/14/2011
​33.99.04.N0.01 ​SAP ​Promotion, Transfer, and Voluntary Moves ​10/09/2015
​ ​SAP ​Criminal History Record Information Checks – Employees and Applications ​05/04/2012
​33.99-15.99-1 ​SAP ​Reduction in Force ​07/08/2011
​33.99-16.99-01 ​SAP ​Contract Workforce (Independent Contractor) ​01/15/2019

​34. Safety of Employees and Students

34.05.99.N1 ​Rule ​Tobacco Free Environment ​09/06/2013
​34.06.02.N1 ​Rule ​Carrying Concealed Handguns on TEEX Property ​06/17/2016
​34.02.01.N1 ​Rule ​Drug and Alcohol Abuse ​02/01/2019
​34.02.01.N1.01 ​SAP ​Substance Abuse Prevention and Post Accident Testing for DOT regulated ​07/30/2010

​61. Information and Communications

​ ​​SAP ​Student Management System (SMS) Access and Privilege Data Entry ​03/10/2011
​ ​SAP ​TEEX Directory Information (FERPA) ​12/01/2009
​ ​SAP ​Public Information Act (PIA) ​09/30/2010
​61.01.02.N0.01 ​SAP ​Student Management System (SMS) owner ​01/07/2016
​61.99.01.N01.01 ​SAP ​Records Retention ​10/15/20158
​61.99.01.N0-01 ​SAP ​Electronic Document Verification ​03/22/2018
​ ​SAP ​Social Media ​02/05/2010
​ ​SAP ​Coins ​02/05/2010
​ ​SAP ​Marketing and Logo Items ​02/05/2010
​ ​SAP ​Use of Logos and Written References ​10/12/2009
​ ​SAP ​Purchase of Printed Materials ​03/01/2010
​ ​SAP ​Media Relations ​02/05/2010
​ ​SAP ​TEEX Sponsored Conferences ​06/18/2010
​ ​SAP ​Agency Visits ​02/05/2010


​ ​SAP Course Feedback Survey​ ​12/19/2006
​ ​SAP ​Course Numbering Scheme ​09/01/2006
​ ​SAP ​Course Attendance ​01/09/2019
​99.99.99.N0.03 ​SAP ​Cooperative Learning Centers and other similiar Entities (CLCs) ​06/30/2003
​99.99.99.N0.04 ​SAP ​Participant Compliant and Appeal Process ​06/05/2019

These discussions and excersizes with peers were the most helpful to me. It allowed me to think about the unique situation applicable to me. Even the componants that were not applicable to my job were valuable. Thank you for your professionalism and for facilitating a high-quality training. It was worth being away from my duties.

— Managing Critical Incidents at Institutes of Higher Education
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